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Attend the National Association for Gifted Children 63rd Annual Convention - and receive Graduate Credit OR CEUs through the University of Central Florida

The School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership is pleased to offer University of Central Florida graduate credit or Continuing Education Units for attendees of the 63rd NAGC ANNUAL CONVENTION to be held at Walt Disney World, Orlando from the 3-6 November 2016.

1. Options: Continuing Education Units

1.1. Attendees can register for (1) CEU – documented attendance at conference sessions – minimum 10 hours. OR 1.2. Attendees can register for (3) CEUs – documented attendance at conference sessions on a special strand and a supervised special project after the conference related to this strand – minimum 15 hours in sessions and 15 hours online project development, total 30 hours.

2. Option: Graduate Credit

This option requires graduate admission to the University of Central Florida. Attendees will register in advance for EGI6908 Directed Independent Studies in Gifted Education (1 credit). This requires attendance at specific conference sessions related to a specific issue, attendance at 2 sessions conducted by UCF Faculty and a supervised project after the conference. Regular tuition rates for graduate credit at UCF apply. This will be supervised by Dr. Gillian Eriksson, UCF Gifted Education Coordinator.

Costs for Tuition
1.1. 1 CEUs = $60
1.2. 3 CEUs = $180
2. Standard UCF Tuition rates apply for 1 graduate credit.

Review the NAGC schedule linked above.

For Option 1.1.
Select a minimum of 10 sessions (this can include the keynotes) and complete the documentation form received on payment.

For Option 1.2.
Choose a specific NAGC Network/Strand (see the list of networks here):
Identify in advance the sessions you will attend (a minimum of 15 hours), then complete the documentation form received on payment and the supervised project post conference.

For Option 2. This requires application to UCF for graduate ONLINE admission. Register for the course EGI6908 Directed Independent Study in Gifted Education.

Application for 1.1. and 1.2. and payments due by: November 4, 2016 11.00a.m.

Due date for completion and submission of all documentation and course assignments: November 23. 2016

Application: Contact Dr. Gillian Eriksson –

For more information on UCF graduate admission for option 2. or for admission to UCF GIFTED EDUCATION Certificate program (online) or the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education, please contact the College of Education and Human Performance Graduate Affairs Office at: Phone: 407-823-5369 Email: Or

UCF Gifted Education Program Offers:

See: UCF ADAGE Gifted Conference: April 22, 2017

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