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Session: Advancements in Module Products: How to Make a Choice & Take a Chance

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Advancements in Module Products: How to Make a Choice & Take a Chance

In a highly competitive US solar industry, choosing an innovative product is tough, particularly with so many choices and so little time. Solar professionals need to be aware of the latest technology offerings to make informed, competent business decisions. This panel session provides opportunities to see 4 of the latest, innovative module technologies, engage with panel experts to understand the technological and business benefits of each module technology. Residential and commercial solar designers, installers, and developers will leave with a greater understanding of new module technology offerings which can potentially enable faster, more efficient, and cost effective solar PV system implementations. OLD DESCRIPTION Will it save me installation time? Is it reliable? Is it more expensive? Whether the application is residential, commercial or utility scale and whether the panel is installed as BIPV, ground or roof mount, innovation in module design is crucial. Yet, installers are highly risk adverse in terms of trying new module products. This panel of experts moderated by Paula Mints, SPV Market research with panelists Barry Cinnamon, Founder and CEO Spice Solar, Christopher Klinga VP of Operations and Product Development, Lumos Solar and Timothy Davey, President and CEO Lumeta, will offer perspectives on integrated frame/module designs, glass-on-glass modules and flexible formats. Session chair Paula Mints will begin the session with a rundown of traditional and newer module products on the market. Attendees will see the latest module designs offered by these experts and have a chance to engage in an interactive panel discussion with the panelists about what each technology offers in terms of streamlined installation, aesthetics and customer satisfaction. Attendees will also have a chance to engage with the panelists about time saving installation techniques.


clock10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

clockRoom : N253