C-RAD was founded by researchers from Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Karolinska Hospital in Solna and people with extensive industrial experience in the field of radiation therapy.

C-RAD provides the state-of-the-art Surface IGRT solutions for patient positioning, real time motion management and respiration gating in IMRT, VMAT, Stereotactic Radiotherapy and proton therapy. The latest introduced Patient identity Validation solution - cPatient establishes the standard of Patient Centric Surface IGRT.

C-RAD is leading the technical trends in Surface IGRT including the biometric patient validation, color projection, non-rigid algorithm, gating and 2nd generation of SRS solution supporting non-coplanar and frameless treatment.

C-RAD's products include Catalyst, Catalyst HD and modular software for treatment as well as Sentinel 4DCT for CT Simulation. Cyrpa laser adds the patient positioning and virtual simulation to the C-RAD portfolio.

Bredgrand 18
Uppsala, 75320  Sweden

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