William Hall, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical College of Wisconsin: Assistant Professor: Employee, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology: Employee, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncologyr: Employee

I am a board certified radiation oncologist with a passion for research in gastrointestinal malignancies, and radiological sciences. Thus far, in the early portion of my career, I have devoted my efforts to understanding the integration of advanced imaging modalities, including MRI, into radiation treatment planning. Moreover, I have published several peer-reviewed articles devoted to the optimal use of radiation therapy for gastrointestinal malignancies and prostate cancer. Such articles have specifically related to radiation therapy technological advances, MRI incorporation into radiation planning, and the optimal radiation therapy dosing strategy. My future research goals are focused on developing and improving our ability to identify patients that may not require surgery for rectal cancer. In addition, I hope to develop MRI strategies that would use novel and unique MRI sequences to enable precise delineation of the most malignant portions of a tumor. My aspiration is to work closely with collaborators to refine our ability to accurately identify malignant tissue and direct intensification of local radiation therapy. I see the next decade of research to be an exciting and transformative time in the management of several different malignancies and I am looking forward to making whatever contributions I can.


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