Robert Miller, MD, MBA, FASTRO

Mayo Clinic: Professor: Employee

ASTRO: Consultant; Medicalchain: Consultant; Tekcapital, Plc: Consultant

Belluscura Ltd.: Stock, Stock Options; Tekcapital Plc.: Stock, Stock Options

Belluscura, Ltd.: Chair, Board of Directors; Tekcapital, Plc.: Non-Executive Director

Professor Robert C. Miller, MD, MBA, FASTRO is an academic radiation oncologist practicing at Mayo Clinic, where he has been continuously employed for the last twenty-four years. Robert is also Editor-In-Chief of ASTRO's Advances in Radiation Oncology. He received his M.D. from the University of Kentucky in 1993 and completed residency at Mayo Clinic in 1998. He is currently Vice Chair of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Practice Executive Committee, representing radiation oncology nationally across the Mayo Enterprise. He received an MBA from Oxford University's Said Business School in 2013, matriculating at Hertford College in 2011. He can followed on Twitter at @RadOncOA.


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