Cynthia Eccles, PhD

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust: research radiographer: Employee; The Institute of Cancer Research: Research Radiographer: Honorary Appointment

Dr Cynthia Eccles is currently Consultant Research Radiographer (radiotherapy developments) at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust and honourary lecturer within the Radiotherapy Related Research Group, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester. Her research portfolio currently includes MR-guided and adaptive radiotherapy, SABR and motion management, and imaign for proton therapy. A Canadian trained research radiographer (MRTT), duo-qualified in diagnostic MRI. After graduating from Queen's University at Kingston, studied and worked at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Toronto, investigating imaging, motion management & RT planning for liver SABR, until relocating to the UK to complete a DPhil (Radiobiology) at the University of Oxford (sups. Profs KA Vallis & WG McKennna) investigating the use of MRI in the detection of early lung toxicities following radiation +/- targetd radiosenistizers. On completion of her degree and 6.5 years as radiotherapy lead research radiographer at the OUH-NHS Foundation Trust, she joined the Royal Marsden as MR-Linac Lead Research Radiographer. In her spare time she actively pursues rowing.


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