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042IC - Transurethral Resection of Bladder Cancer: A Deceptively Difficult Common Operation - How to Improve

Sunday, May 20
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Location: MCC WEST, 2006

A TUR BT is an underappreciated common urologic operation. Although the objective is a "complete" resection of all tumor this may be difficult and often does not occur. Although there are new modalities that can enhance the ability to perform a complete resection, e.g. bipolar, NBI, PDD, there are a number of maneuvers which range from the type of anesthesia to the choice of resectoscope, camera, lens, loop etc. which can play a critical part in accomplishing an optimal resection. This faculty will share many of their personal preferences gained over years of performing TUR BTs and discuss these with the participants in an interactive case format. Accurate assessment of the grade, stage, and histologic type of bladder tumor is essential to establish the proper management for each patient and this requires an optimal TUR BT.

Learning Objectives:

Mark S. Soloway

Memorial Hospital, Hollywood, FL

Mark S. Soloway, MD. Chief, Urologic Oncology, Memorial Hospital, Hollywood, Fl.
Dr. Soloway is recognized nationally and internationally for his many contributions in the fields of bladder and prostate cancer.
Dr. Soloway has been recognized for his innovative use of case-based teaching to enhance discussion concerning the optimal approach to specific clinical scenarios.
His contributions in BC began when he was a Clinical Associate at the National Cancer Institute. He used an animal model for urothelial carcinoma to identify the efficacy of cisplatin for BC. During his residency he used this model to demonstrate that the high rate of recurrence of urothelial tumors may, in part, be the result of implantation of tumor cells on the injured urothelial surface. This supported the concept of early intravesical chemotherapy.
Dr. Soloway was one of the first to administer cisplatin to bladder cancer patients and report on its efficacy.
Using his mouse model, Dr. Soloway demonstrated the additive effect of radiation and cisplatin for BC. These findings led to clinical trials which confirmed the synergistic effect of radiation plus cisplatin. This remains the principle behind bladder preservation therapy in locally advanced urothelial cancer
Dr. Soloway was the first to highlight the safety of initial active surveillance for low grade Ta bladder tumors.
Dr. Soloway twice chaired an international multidisciplinary committee under the auspices of the SIU and ICUD to develop recommendations on all aspects of urothelial cancer
Dr. Soloway received the Gold Cystoscope Award in 1984. He delivered the Whitmore Memorial Lecture at the Society of Urologic Oncology meeting in 2014. In 2015, he was awarded the St. Paul Medal by BAUS and received the first Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Florida Urological Association. He has published over 550 articles in peer reviewed journals primarily related to prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer.


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Arthur I. Sagalowsky

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Arthur I. Sagalowsky, M.D.
Professor of Urology
Urologic Oncology
Department of Urology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Cissy and Plack Carr, Jr Professorship in Medical Education
Master Cary College UTSW Medical School
Co-Investigator UTSW Medical Center SPORE in Kidney Cancer

Dr. Sagalowsky has over 38 years experience in academic Urology with a large clinical practice and participation in clinical trials and translational research in bladder cancer and kidney cancer. Currently he is a Co-Investigator in the UTSW Medical Center SPORE in Kidney Cancer. Within the SPORE he serves as the Co-Leader for Urology, as a Co-Director of the Administrative Core, and as a Co-Investigaor of the Biospecimen and Pathology and Resources Core.
In addition Dr. Sagalowsky is heavily involved in Urology resident education, and in medical student education serving as Master of Cary College within the UTSW medical school curriculum.


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Alexandre R. Zlotta

University of Toronto

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta is a Professor in the Department of Surgery (Urology) at the University of Toronto, Director of Uro-Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital, staff surgeon at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - Toronto General Hospital/ University Health Network and Director of the Uro-Oncology Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto. He is a Consulting Editor for European Urology and Associate Editor of the Bladder Cancer Journal.
He is currently performing translational research in bladder and prostate cancer, focusing on genetics and biomarkers often in a multi-institutional, international setting.
Among other awards, he has received the Matula Award and the Platinum Award of the European Association of Urology.


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042IC - Transurethral Resection of Bladder Cancer: A Deceptively Difficult Common Operation - How to Improve


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