Joshua Meeks

Assistant Professor of Urology
Northwestern University

Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Urology at Northwestern Univeristy. His research laboratory is focused on the molecular pathways involved in the progression of urothelial carcinoma. Dr. Meeks's research has two themes: 1) to investigate the epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in bladder cancer and 2) to identify the interaction of the immune response to tumor mutations. Dr. Meeks has a clinical trial study of intravesical immunotherapy for BCG-refractory bladder cancer at Northwestern and is the bladder-site translational medicine chair for the SouthWest Oncology (SWOG) GU Committee. Dr. Meeks specializes in the surgical treatment of non-muscle and muscle-invasive bladder cancer with an emphasis on maintaining urinary and sexual function after bladder removal.


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