Stanley J. Antolak

Dr. Stanley Antolak is an urologist practicing at his Center for Urologic and Pelvic Pain in St. Paul, MN. He has specialized in treating chronic pelvic pain for the past 20 years. He treats both genders and all ages. His presentations and medical articles discuss evidence-based neuropathic pain diagnoses of CPP based on the results of neurologic examination and neurophysiologic testing. His experience includes treatment of all phases of pudendal neuropathy and additional neuropathic pelvic pain generators. This includes a conservative, nerve protection program; therapeutic perineural injections, and pudendal nerve decompression surgeries. Long-term monitoring of treatment responses demonstrates cures as long as 13 years following treatments. Dr. Antolak encourages all medical practitioners to add the successful diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to their daily practices.


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