Tertiary Treatment and Disinfection

Grit Removal in Active Anaerobic Digester

Wednesday, April 18
5:25 PM - 5:50 PM
Location: Innovation Learning Center #2

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Grit accumulation within anaerobic digesters leads to reduced digester performance and high costs associated with cleaning and removal of grit. No current technologies are currently marketed towards removing grit within an active reactor, reactors must be taken off-line in order to thoroughly clean the tank and remove the solids.

Evoquas grit removal system is capable of continually removing grit from within an active reactor and can be designed such that long term grit accumulation is prevented. The system utilizes a sludge re-circulation stream from the reactor and flows through a gravity style separator which removes solids from the stream and returns the cleaned liquid back to the reactor. The removed solids contain inert and organic material and is then washed via a rotating drum screen which introduces high pressure water to separate organic material from inert. Inert grit is delivered from the system, ready for disposal. The grit removal system can be incorporated into an new or existing hydraulic mixing system or can be supplied as a stand-alone system complete with re circulation pump and controls.

Grit is an issue for almost every anaerobic digestion system currently in operation. Systems and technologies capable of removing grit are of interest to owners and operators of this system to reduce cleaning costs and avoid process interruption during the cleaning procedure.


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Grit Removal in Active Anaerobic Digester

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