Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)

The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA), a non-profit, is a regional leader in the delivery of energy efficiency services for residential housing.

Since it's founding in 1984, ECA has helped improve the energy profile of over 45,000 buildings. ECA administers energy efficiency programs for utilities and government agencies, including the Weatherization Assistance Program, the LIHEAP Crisis program and the City of Philadelphia Heater Hotline.

Through a diverse set of other programs, ECA continues a leadership role in energy efficiency and affordability to low to moderate income citizens.

In addition to educating citizens about energy efficiency, ECA is also proud to be a leader in clean energy training. ECA's Knight Training Center is the largest and most credentialed facility in the state. ECA's Knight Training Center was the first Building Performance Institute (BPI) affiliate in PA. The Knight Training center offers IREC Certification and most recently added Solar installation training to its curriculum. Courses are being offered on-line and are hands-on in classroom. Scholarships are available.

ECA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Energy Coordinating Agency
106 West Clearfield Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19133
(215) 609-1000