Applied Energy Products and Sales, Inc

Applied Energy Products and Sales, Inc. is a family owned insulation supply company. We have been supplying Community Action Agencies, Insulation Contractors, Homeowners, and other non-profit agencies that weatherize low income homes since 1982. Specializing in insulation and support products such as insulation machines, tapes, mastics, ASHRAE fans and switches, two-part foams, roof and gable vents, power tools, PPE equipment, fall protection, respirators, LED and CFL lamps, CO alarms, smoke alarms, duct and venting, dryer pipe and elbows, caulking, OSHA required equipment, and of coarse, fiberglass and cellulose Insulation. We ship nationwide everyday.

4255 Kropf Ave SW
Canton, Ohio 04476
(330) 484-2640