David Heslam

Executive Director
Earth Advantage

David Heslam has been involved nationally in effort's to develop and deploy energy labeling systems into the residential market. This work began in 2008 with the conduct of the 2008 Energy Performance Score Pilot with the Energy Trust of Oregon and has continued through work with Earth Advantage in the implementation of energy labels in 16 states.

Heslam gained insight into the need for energy labeling during the 15 years he spent designing, building, and remodeling homes in Portland, OR. His company, Coho Construction Services Inc., became known as a local and national leader for adopting new technologies and striving for high levels of sustainability.

Earth Advantage's work has included the development of software, research into the effectiveness of energy audits, research into the feasibility of labeling systems, research into the valuation of green and efficient homes, plus education for contractors, REALTORS and appraisers about high performance homes.


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