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Elevating Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): A Multi-Site Workshop Pilot for Nurses

Monday, May 6
2:05 PM - 2:20 PM
Room: Columbus AB (East Tower, Ballroom/Gold Level)

Background : Objectives include:
-Expanding the reach of an established EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) workshop for nurses from one site of our organization to our other sites where there is no workshop in place.
-Evaluating this method (video-conferencing with local library support in attendance) for future multi-site library instruction.
-Increasing the visibility of the librarian and library services across the organization.

Description : Leveraging an established EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) workshop, the Manager of Nursing Research asked local library staff to discuss the research process and to demonstrate for the attendees how to use literature databases to find material to support their research projects and EBP practices on their units. The EBP workshop was video-conferenced from the originating location to two remote locations within the organization. Each remote site had a librarian in attendance to support the librarian at the originating site. This allowed the librarians at each site to guide and assist patrons and establish a face-to-face connection with attendees. Two post-session evaluation surveys were conducted, one immediately after the event and one two months later.
Conclusion : Based on the course and evaluative surveys, one immediately after the event (43% response rate) and one two months later (55% response rate), this multi-site course was an overall success. Participants suggested that this course should continue to be offered, and emphasized that the quality of the instruction was excellent. Several participants recognized the impact of the librarian and library services in this course. One respondent indicated a plan to “use library resources more.” Other comments included “I am able to refine my literature and library search skills,” and “working with the librarian was very helpful.”

Lisa A. Marks, AHIP

Director of Libraries
Mayo Clinic Libraries, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona

Lisa Marks, MLS, AHIP is the Director, Library Services for the Mayo Clinic Libraries in Arizona and has held this position for the last 5 years. Part of her current role includes the Administration of the Mayo Clinic Center for Humanities in Medicine as well as the Historical Archives for Mayo Clinic in Arizona. This is the first time time Lisa as lived outside her home state of California. She has come to love living in Arizona - even in the heat - and enjoys exploring her new state of residence.


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Diana Almader-Douglas, AHIP

Mayo Clinic
Phoenix, AZ

Diana Almader-Douglas received her MA in Library Resources from The University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science in 2011, and is currently a librarian at Mayo Clinic Libraries- Arizona. Prior to earning her library degree, Diana was a licensed behavioral health therapist interested in evidence based clinical practice. Diana is dedicated to research, consumer health, health disparities, and health literacy. From 2012-2014, Diana participated in the National Library of Medicine’s Associate Fellowship Program.

In her current role as hospital librarian, Diana conducts literature searches for patrons, assists patrons with research projects, and teaches patrons how to access and utilize library resources. She is a member of the Nursing Research Subcommittee and the Patient and Family Education Subcommittee.

Diana lives in Glendale, Arizona with her family and enjoys running, reading, cooking, and painting.


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Tara Brigham

Assistant Professor of Medical Education & Medical Librarian
Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, Florida

Tara Brigham, MLIS, is an Assistant Professor of Medical Education and medical librarian at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. She


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Heather Jett

Mayo Clinic Libraries
La Crosse, Wisconsin


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Elevating Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): A Multi-Site Workshop Pilot for Nurses

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