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Developing Workflows to Facilitate the Sharing of Research Datasets from Electronic Health Records

Sunday, May 5
4:50 PM - 5:05 PM
Room: Columbus GH (East Tower, Ballroom/Gold Level)

Background : Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems provide opportunities to leverage clinical data for research purposes. Yet, at an academic medical center, researcher awareness of centralized resources to access clinical data is limited. Librarians and a clinical data management team (CDMT) collaborated to increase the awareness of institutional systems and the transparency of research practices by indexing datasets and access procedures in an institutional catalog. Librarians and the clinical data team worked to integrate workflows, share administrative information, prevent redundant efforts, increase the discoverability of EHR data for research purposes, and convince leadership to update institutional policy to support the ongoing collaboration.
Description : Librarians and the CDMT began the project by establishing workflows to share information about EHR data requests. The librarians initiated a pilot phase of the project, which included connecting with researchers who had pulled EHR data and cataloging that data for other researchers to be able to re-request. Thirteen new dataset records were created through the pilot. Librarians presented the pilot to research leadership with the intent to argue for a policy that requires all EHR data requests processed by the CDMT to be indexed in the institutional data catalog. Research leadership approved the proposal and added the policy to the CDMT data request form. Librarians then indexed all past EHR data requests, making this valuable research data discoverable across the institution. The library and the CDMT continue to collaborate to index future data requests.
Conclusion : At the time of writing, there are 165 EHR datasets indexed in the institutional catalog. Furthermore, workflows have been completely integrated between the library and the CDMT. Key team members have permission to access digital records from both groups and are able to ensure that effective communication and collaboration continues. Additional outcomes to be measured moving forward include: (1) access statistics for EHR datasets in the institutional catalog; (2) the number of new EHR datasets added to the catalog; (3) the number of publications resulting from EHR datasets in the catalog; and (4) an evaluation of eliminated redundancies.

Nicole Contaxis

Data Catalog Coordinator
NYU Health Sciences Library
New York, New York

Nicole Contaxis, MLIS, is the NYU Data Catalog Coordinator at the NYU Health Sciences Library. She works alongside researchers to make research data discoverable. Her main responsibilities include planning and conducting outreach events, curating metadata in the catalog, and collaborating with other medical librarians through the Data Catalog Collaboration Project. Her areas of interest include data sharing, data ethics, and community engagement. She received her MLIS degree from UCLA and is currently pursuing an MA in Bioethics at NYU.


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Michael Cantor


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Alexander Bragat


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Kevin Read

Lead, Data Discovery and Data Services Librarian
NYU Health Sciences Library
New York, New York

Kevin Read, MLIS, MAS is the Lead of Data Discovery and Data Services Librarian at NYU Langone Health. He leads the NYU Data Catalog project; an initiative to make research datasets created and used by NYU researchers more discoverable. He also leads the Data Catalog Collaboration Project, a multi-site collaboration consisting of eight academic institutions working to improve the discoverability of institutional research data using the NYU Data Catalog model.

Beyond his data discovery efforts, Kevin provides training and research support to faculty, residents, students and staff on topics including: clinical research data management, REDCap, reproducibility, and data sharing.


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Developing Workflows to Facilitate the Sharing of Research Datasets from Electronic Health Records

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