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Evolving Curricular Assistance Using Custom Question Banks

Tuesday, May 7
4:35 PM - 4:50 PM
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Objectives : Students often utilize practice questions to improve understanding and retention of session content and to prepare for exams. However, a major challenge is aligning questions with session learning objectives. The goal of this study is to change student behavior to use questions as a learning tool, create intuitive question searching at the correct level, and align commercial and professor-written question banks.

Methods : A developmental model was created combining faculty-generated questions with commercial question bank questions. Three surveys were sent out to assess perceptions of question bank utilization. The first two surveys were sent out simultaneously, one to faculty and one to students, to assess how practice questions were used for study purposes. Following the developmental model, a pilot study was created using two practice quizzes with faculty-generated practice questions for a pharmacy anatomy course. After the completion of the pharmacy anatomy course, the third survey was sent out to pharmacy students to assess their perception of the utility of practice quizzes and to assess whether student utilization of quizzes had changed.

Results : Twenty-three percent of faculty answered the survey, responding that they create their own questions, but do not direct students to use commercial question banks. Seventy-two students (12.04% response rate) responded to the first survey, indicating that 53% of students use faculty provided questions, 40% use commercial question banks, and 34% use both. The student surveys indicate that while initially most students used question banks to study immediately before a test, after the pilot study, they began using quiz questions earlier. Additionally, the number of students who always incorporate quiz questions into their studying jumped from 37.5% to 50%.

Conclusions : The initial survey showed students inhibit their study strategies by not quizzing themselves early enough. However, the curated set of progressive questions helped students incorporate question banks into their studying. Additionally, they used the question banks to start studying more effectively by quizzing themselves earlier. One lesson we learned is that it is necessary to give ourselves more lead time in between receiving questions from faculty and assigning quizzes to students. Giving ourselves more lead time gave us time to better organize the quizzes and enhance individual questions by adding question difficulty level and explanations for answers.

Skye Bickett, AHIP

Assistant Director of Education and Engagement
PCOM Georgia
Suwanee, Georgia

Skye Bickett, DHSc, MLIS, AHIP, is the Assistant Director of Education and Engagement for PCOM Georgia. She earned her DHSc from Nova Southeastern University and her MLIS from the University of South Carolina.
Dr. Bickett manages the Georgia library, leads strategic planning and innovation for campus libraries, and oversees the library’s online presence. She assists and participates in research activities with faculty and students, creates online material to supplement the curriculum of various programs, and teaches courses on evidence-based practice, research methods, drug information, and health literacy.
She is an active member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), Medical Library Association (MLA), Southern Chapter of MLA (SC/MLA), and Georgia Health Sciences Library Association (GHSLA). She has presented papers, posters, and CE courses at meetings for organizations such as AACP, MLA, and SC/MLA and has received several awards from the Southeast Atlantic Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. She serves as a library selector for several sections of Doody’s Core Titles and as a reviewer for JMLA.


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Meghan Di Rito

Education and Outreach Librarian
PCOM Georgia
Suwanee, Georgia

Meghan Di Rito, MLIS, is the Education and Outreach Librarian at PCOM Georgia. She started her library career in 2004 when she started volunteering with her local public library. She worked her way up the ladder, first as a library work study student in undergraduate studies, then as a library assistant at PCOM Georgia until she received her Master's Degree of Library and Information Science from Florida State University in 2015.

Meghan teaches library informatics classes as well as one on one sessions with students. She is the library liaison to the Biomedical Science program and the Physical Therapy program. Additionally, she manages the college's electronic resources. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, cooking, and reading.


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Jiehyun Lee

Assistant Professor
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus
Suwanee, Georgia


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Dennis Peffley


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Evolving Curricular Assistance Using Custom Question Banks

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