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Librarian Partnerships in a Program-Wide Systematic Review Capstone Project: Elevating Team Work

Monday, May 6
2:20 PM - 2:25 PM
Room: Columbus KL (East Tower, Ballroom/Gold Level)

Background : Building upon existing relationships with the faculty, the liaison librarian to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program set out to streamline the required systematic review project in order to help the large number of student groups (15 in 2018) simultaneously meet assignment benchmarks on a four to six week timeline. Due to the time-intensive nature of systematic reviews and the time-sensitive nature of the course, it became clear that the liaison librarian would need to involve all Research & Education Librarians. This talk describes how a librarian team approach allowed for successful completion in the demanding timeframe.

Description : The liaison librarian is embedded in the DPT Evidence Based Practice course and teaches sessions on developing clinical and research questions using PICO, advanced literature searching strategies, and systematic review methodology.

Faculty mentors require students to meet with an assigned librarian. The DPT liaison librarian matched each group to a librarian, provided an overview session to participating librarians, and developed guidelines and expectations for working with the student teams. On average, librarians worked with three student groups. Librarians provided in-depth consultations with their teams in order to further explain the systematic review process which included reviewing the PICO-formatted questions, discussing protocol registration in PROSPERO, and teaching the software for title/abstract screening, as well as citation management. Librarians conducted exploratory and final searches, drafted search appendices, and managed citations in both the title/abstract screening software and the citation management tool.

Conclusion : Success can be attributed to building strong interprofessional relationships with the faculty and students that allowed librarians to set expectations and provide clear guidance to help students complete advanced preparation for each of the steps in the projects. It was essential to involve all liaison librarians at the library in order to balance the workload of simultaneous in-depth projects.


Leila Ledbetter, AHIP

Research and Education Librarian
Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina


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Sarah Cantrell

Associate Director for Research & Education
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Sarah Cantrell is the Associate Director for Research and Education at the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives. Sarah is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating the Library's research and education programs, which include instruction, reference, consultations, and systematic review searching. She is also the liaison to the Graduate Medical Education programs at Duke Health. Sarah teaches evidence-based medicine to medical students, residents, and faculty. She serves as co-director of Duke's national EBM workshop for clinicians and librarians, co-director of the online course “Evidence-Based Medicine for the Medical Librarian" hosted by UNC Chapel Hill, and is a facilitator in the newly formed Critical Appraisal Institute for Librarians.


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Brandi Tuttle, AHIP

Research & Education Librarian
Duke University
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

As a Research & Education Librarian, I am responsible for supporting the application of evidence based practice in the Duke University Medical Center; developing and teaching classes; applying web based technology to the delivery of services, participating in library strategic planning; providing leadership on special projects; and assisting patrons in locating accurate and timely information in support of quality clinical care, biomedical research, and health sciences education. I enjoy specializing in providing instruction on searching complex databases, evidence based medicine, and integrating library instruction within the academic course curriculum. I serve as liaison to the Physician Assistant Program and the Pathologists’ Assistant Program. I am particularly interested in web design, supporting researchers in data management issues, instructional design principles, and educational technologies.


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Amanda Woodward

Research & Education Librarian, Liaison to the School of Nursing
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

Amanda Woodward is a Research & Education Librarian at the Duke Medical Center Library and the liaison librarian for the School of Nursing. She helps students, faculty, and staff with literature searching and reference management. Previously, Amanda worked at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA where she served as the User Engagement Librarian. In this role, Amanda taught information literacy skills to students in credit-bearing courses, guest lectures, and workshops. Prior to her work at Woodbury University, Amanda was an Assistant Librarian at Disney Consumer Products Creative Resource Center in Glendale, CA. Amanda received her Master of Library & Information Science from the University of California Los Angeles.


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Megan G. Van Noord

Health Sciences Librarian
University of California, Davis
Davis, California


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Emily S. Mazure, AHIP

Clinical & Research Librarian
Mountain Area Health Education Center Library, North Carolina


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Librarian Partnerships in a Program-Wide Systematic Review Capstone Project: Elevating Team Work

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