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John Canning & Co., Ltd.

John Canning & Co. uses not only its knowledge and experience but also state-of-the-art technology to repair structural problems in fragile historic buildings. As one of the few authorized installers for HPCS (Historic Plaster Conservation Services) we have access to a suite of products to use as additional tools on consolidation and fragile plaster projects. John Canning & Co. implements the advanced technology of HPCS to save old plaster by addressing the problem at its root- where the plaster meets its substrate. Plaster Consolidation is the long-term solution to the plaster problems that historic structures often encounter. The HPCS treatment method dramatically strengthens and adheres plaster to its substrate, leaving the ceiling strong and maintenance free for a long time. This HPCS treatment method of "plaster consolidation" effectively converts plaster and wood lath into a single unified system. John Canning & Co. can handle all stages of historic plaster conservation including plaster condition surveys/assessments, stabilization & reinforcement of fibrous plaster panels/coffers, plaster on masonry, consolidation of plaster on wood or wire lath, plaster restoration & stabilization as well as ornamental, flat, and acoustic plaster -restoration & replication.


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