WSA ModernRuins Firm Introduction

WSA ModernRuins®

WSA|ModernRuins, represents the vanguard in sustainable preservation…pioneering an appreciation of the depth of environmental, cultural and technological benefits embedded within the DNA of heritage properties. We are highly specialized, with dedication that is rooted at the very core of our nation’s preservation movement. The firm engages in projects both large and small; all, though, have the common thread of historic preservation coupled with the shared values of both Mr Sedovic and Ms Gotthelf: • authenticity; • engagement with each site’s constituency and stakeholders to produce relevant results; • creating opportunities for outreach and education; • durability and high performance, including conformance to modern building and energy codes; and • lasting value. WSA|ModernRuins has always sought to position itself as a facile and principled preservation firm. We bring to every project an attitude and desire to coalesce and combine varied interests and disciplines, imbue technological acuity based on evolving codes and real-life construction logistics, serve as a conduit resolving both the needs of the site and those of public engagement and – most of all – create projects that are durable, economical, clever and beautiful.

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